Termite baiting and treatment systems are the best way to deal with termite infestations in Australia.

We offer three termite baiting systems, as well as a variety of other solutions to treat termite infestations.

Termite Baiting and Treatment Services AlburyOur termite baiting systems include:

Ensystex Baiting Stations

The Exterra baiting stations are applied to areas where termite activity already exists. These baiting stations act to attract the termites. They discourage them from further causing damage to the area they are found in.

This is achieved through the growth inhibiting effects of the bait, resulting in inability to molt and softening and weakening of the mandibles (chewing parts of the termites).

It weakens their ability to chew on timber, and instead are only able to consume that of the soft bait. The baiting will result in the death of the worker termites, and starvation of the entire colony.

Ensystex Exterra Perimeter Baiting System

The Exterra baiting system is a system encompassing inground stations every 3 meters around the perimeter of a building. These stations contain attractant and timber to draw termites to the stations. Your Jim’s technician will bait upon discovering termite activity within a station.

It will terminate the colony as the bait inhibits growth and moulting process of the worker termites. Workers are responsible for feeding the colony, thus starving the queen after several weeks.

Sentricon Always Active Perimeter System

The Sentricon Always Active system is similar to that of the Exterra baiting system in design. It involves in-ground stations situated every 3 meters around the outside perimeter of a property.

Whilst the Exterra system requires regular inspections, the Sentricon system is preinstalled with the active growth inhibiting bait, therefore requiring minimal maintenance and inspections. The baiting system is always active in protecting the perimeter of your property.

Termidor Termiticide

Upon inspection we may also offer alternatives including the use of Termidor termiticide, an active chemical that may be applied to infested areas or directly into nests.

Termidor is a quick and easy fix when removing termites from a given area. It is applied directly to the timber, however this is not a permanent fix as it does not exterminate the nest. Alternatively, should Termidor be applied directly to the nest, the slow acting chemical will allow time for a transfer effect to take hold.

The chemical will spread through the chemical throughout the entire colony, eventually exterminating the entirety of the colony as a whole. It ensures a permanent fix in regard to the extermination of the given colony.

For more information about termite baiting and treatment services in Albury, please contact your local Jim’s termite expert on 131 546.